Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gym Class Hero 

Sure Fat Asian Baby hasn't attempted anything that looks to outsiders like "exercise" in, oh, four or five years, but we were thinking about possibly considering the contemplation of doing something productive whilst wallowing away in our unemployment. Everyone has said just start small and it won't be so bad. To which we usually turn our fat head and start talking to the person on our other side. But nay, maybe there is wisdom somewhere. In there. Maybe.
Which brings us to this brilliant superimposed lightbulb five minutes ago:

"Maybe I should try bench pressing my cat."

But we think the FABKitty perhaps heard our thoughts* because no sooner did we settle upon this new exercise regime did he casually walk out of the room.

Whatever, Kitty, whatever.

*They say that cats can empathize with your, uh, feelings and stuff.

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