Friday, July 20, 2007

A Tale of Two Starches: A Play in Two Parts 

Characters: FAB, FABMommy, Bagels
Setting: FAB House, Thursday, July 19, 12PM
FABMommy: Here FAB, I bought you some bagels and some bread for sandwiches. Do you want to come eat lunch?
Enter Bagels Stage Left
FAB: Oh I didn't know you were getting those. I already ate an english muffin for lunch.

Setting: FAB House, Friday, July 20, 1PM
FAB eats a bagel.
Twenty minutes pass.

FABMommy: FAB, want to come downstairs and eat tuna with capers with me?
FAB: I already had lunch.
FABMommy: But you just had a bagel.
FAB: Right, that bagel I just ate 20 minutes ago - that was my lunch. I don't want to eat again.
FABMommy: Well you really should stop with the starches and eat some other things. It's not healthy. You need...
FAB: I'm not hungry. But thanks.
Exeunt FABMommy.

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