Monday, August 20, 2007

Camping for Dummies 

Ladies and Gents, let FAB introduce Glamping*, or, uh, glamorous camping. To us regular folk, that's camping for the ridiculously and stupidly rich (or magic folk). Now you don't have to bother with the pesky task of making s'mores yourself. Glamping comes with a personal chef! And a butler!
"Many people are glamping. I'd say the more sophisticated traveler who wants something different, something a little more meaningful. They want to get back in touch with nature, but they certainly don't want to have to go out hiking in the woods to do it."

For serious! The lady in the video actually said that.

*So, aside from the seriously derisive chuckle this gave us and that disgusting feeling of smug superiority, is any one else irritated by the alarming proliferation of cutesy hybrid names (Hi Brangelina!!) by shamelessly lazy (or cutesy) bloggers and freelancers such as, well, FAB?

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