Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Props Where Props, Wait, What? 

FAB gives a hearty well done to Atlanta's own Deerhunter for being the subject/object of indie/music/snobbery/cyberclusterfuck lovin'. Feels good, don't it?

Also, Deerhunter will be playing the Pitchfork SXSW showcase with new indie darlings Beach House.
It will be so best.

In case you haven't been paying attention, Beach House is the newish project from Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. We blogged abouttheir previous project way back in 2005*.
Atlanta missed them in November (FAB and Deerhunter's Bradford Cox were one of about 15 people who actually went to the show), but New Yorkers can catch them with Grizzly Bear and The Paper Cuts at Bowery Ballroom on March 6 and 7.

*Though it appears that the image is no more.

Something FAB, AKA Princess Retardoface, Actually Said a Mere 5 Minutes Ago, But Fortunately Within the Confines of Her Own Head This Time 

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
"Doomsday? I thought that was in June. Oh wait, that's Bloomsday. Nevermind."

Something FAB, AKA Princess Potatoface, Actually Said a Mere 5 Minutes Ago 

"My sandwich experience would be enhanced by potato chips."

Something FAB, AKA Princess Nerdyface, Actually Said a Mere 5 Minutes Ago 

"Funny how a little preposition can change the whole meaning of things."

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Music PSA 

We're not sure if there's anyone still reading, but if you are, here is a friendly message from Tim Sweetwood from the Masquerade:


I'm looking for some additional bands on the following dates. Bands must be from Atlanta or the surrounding area.

Jan. 11th. I'm looking for Metal acts this night.

Jan. 12th Looking for rock or alternative acts.

Please email me at tim@masq.com if you are intersted. No booking done through Myspace.

Cheers, Happy New Year.

Two for the Price of One 



Thank you.

In Other Bipolar News 

Gasper the Whale has died at the Atlanta Aquarium.

Cable and Tweed has posted some fun listens, including a track from one of FAB's new favorite bands, How I Became the Bomb.

And apparently New Year's Eve weekend is the new June for the mediocre DAR set.

And while we're on the subject, W. calls Gerald Ford "the Best of America" which obviously isn't the least bit absurd or anything like that.

Where East Coast Business Meets West Coast What? 

Surely by now you've seen the trailers for the Apprentice Season 6, which premieres this Sunday. In one of his ingenious attempts to stay relevant or something, the Donald has whipped out the big guns. What big guns, you ask? In this newest incarnation, wait for it, Donald is whoring out his Anna-Kournikova-of-the-business-world daughter, and loser apprentices don't just, like, lose and stuff; they have to go camping. And totally cook all their meals on a charcoal grill.
That's so gnarly, dude.

Also, FAB particularly enjoyed this photo we poached from the miscellaneous reaches of cyberspace in which a Photoshop neophyte has mated Goofy Donald with Magic Airbrushed Noseless Floaty Album-Cover Ivanka.
We may not be too bright ourselves, but we know edgy modern art genius when we see it.

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