Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Better Late Than Never 

Pot meet kettle.

Brooklyn Vegan has the partial CMJ lineup. Lookin' good, kids.

Jack Osbourne denies plastic surgery speculation cause he's "not that vain." Sharon had no comment.

CNN Head Calls FoxNews Coverage 'Meaningless Nonsense.' Yeah, that's about right.

FAB wants gazpacho.

Victoria Gotti is full of shit.

Ironically, Kate Moss runs to LA to escape the drug-addled lifestyle.

Superman spotted in Serbia. Still no sign of Mladic.

The aforementioned band, the Sun, is releasing their first full length album in DVD form. Fascinating.

We're already two days into the Atlanta Underground Film Festival. More info at Kiss Atlanta.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire trailer hits the internet.

The Strokes reveal details on new single.

Le Tigre, Coup, Ted Leo to Play D.C. Anti-War Protest. In other news, apparently we're in some kind of war?

Everybody loves to hate Lance Armstrong and his dumb yellow bracelets.

The Fug ladies have created a helpful Fugland Security color coding system.

Tonight is the Billionaires for Bush Drunk on Power Ball at the Frying Pan.

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